What is THETA Token? Decentralized Video Streaming With Rewards..


Introduction of THETA

THETA token recently added in new exchanges which brings attention of traders and users towards THETA token. Everyone wants to know about THETA token. THETA is basically End-to-end decentralized video delivery platform. THETA have solution for many problem currently in conventional video streaming service. Some basic problem in current video streaming is Low quality video streaming, High cost of streaming infrastructure and Centralized and inefficient ecosystem. THETA will eliminate these problem by Decentralized video streaming, powered by users and an innovative new Blockchain.

Benefit of THETA

  1. Viewers earn rewards as Theta tokens.
  2. High quality, smooth video streaming.
  3. Reduced cost of delivering video streams.

THETA Roadmap

THETA roadmap complete in four phase.

  • Phase One – Inception
  • Phase Two – Token Sale
  • Phase Three – THETA Blockchain Development
  • Phase Four – Native THETA Blockchain Launch

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