What is Bancor Coin | Protocol for Smart-tokens, solving the liquidity problem


What is Bancor Coin

Bancor Protocol is a new standard for crypto currencies called Smart Tokens. Smart tokens introduce various advantages over the traditional exchange model.

  • Continuous Liquidity​
  • No Extra Fees​
  • No Spread​
  • Predictable Price Slippage
  • Lower Volatility

Bancor is the first smart token. On the Bancor protocol system Different parties can take take on different roles in the Bancor network ecosystem.

  • End-Users
  • Smart Token Creators
  • Asset Tokenizers​

Use of Bancor

A smart token utilizes a novel method for price-discovery which is based on a “Constant Reserve Ratio” (CRR). Smart tokens are standard ERC20 tokens which implement the Bancor protocol, providing continuous liquidity while automatically facilitating price-discovery.

Bprotocol is a Swiss nonprofit foundation, whose core objective is the establishment of the Bancor protocol as a global standard for intrinsically tradeable currencies.

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