John McAfee Charges $105,000 Per Tweet For ICO


According to data published in John McAfee he reveals that his one tweet cost around $105,000 that drew focus toward digital currency.

He have total 810,000 direct followers and 737,000 of his followers buy or sell cryptocurrencies at least once a month and 154,000 buy or sell cryptocurrencies daily. From 737,000 of his followers, 380,000 have more than 25% and 259,000 have more than 50% of their total assets stored in cryptocurrencies.

They also stated that 518,000 followers have more than $3,000 and 224,000 followers have over $20,000 invested in cryptocurrencies. According to this 224,000 followers have been invested almost $4.48 billion in cryptocurrency.

Also they stated on that page in last:

“If you are interested in marketing an ICO, promoting a coin, or boosting any other project in the cryptocurrency world, contact us TODAY to get started!”

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