Internet of Services Token, IOST Complete Overview & Application for Beginners


IOST (Internet of Services Token) Overview

IOST stand for Internet of Services Token, it offers a secure & scalable infrastructure for online service providers. It will provides high tps approx 100,000 secure transaction per second. In this age of Internet we saw excessive commission fees, privacy violation, frauds and censorship everyday. Various blockchain technologies have attempted to resolve these issue but no one success to solve all these issue.

IOS Blockchain Overview

IOST technology is another good attempt to provide infrastructure to support service oriented infrastructure. This concept creates these techniques.

Internet of Service Token



Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS)

EDS is sharding technique that enables parallel processing in distributed system and database. EDS reducing the transaction processing workload on each validator and increase total processing capacity.


Proof-of-Believability (PoB)

IOST proposed Proof-of-Believability (PoB), a randomized proof-of-stake consensus protocol. Proof-of-Believability select node randomly using algorithm based on input from previously generated block.



An atomic commit protocol, to commit transaction automatically. Atomix either commit or abort transaction automatically. Also two factor verification improve latency and security of transaction.


Micro State Block (MSB)

Micro State Block (MSB) is classic distributed checkpoint principle. It minimize the storage and update overhead, which helps new or crashed validater quickly catch up to the current blockchain states without downloading the blockchain since the first block. 

Characteristics of IOS Blockchain


IOS blockchain is innovative & secure permissionless blockchain which have high transaction throughput that maintain long term security.

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